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Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool is a licensed (License #1636049) home daycare/ preschool located near Independence High School 14098 Paterno Drive Frisco Texas-75035. Provider is a highly qualified teacher with a California child development permit as a master teacher and site supervisor. She holds a bachelor's degree of education, is fluent in English as well as Hindi, and has had 7 years of prior teaching experience in various excellent preschools of Fremont. She has been running her own daycare and preschool since 2012 in California. Now she has moved to Texas and has started her business in Frisco, Texas. She has been awarded with Daycare Directors license by Texas Childcare licensing and license to operate her own home daycare. The home is a clean, safe, and spacious environment for children and is well equipped for a preschool setting. Our goal is to nurture the children in a loving and caring environment while still making progress in their learning. We work towards the overall development of the children i.e. physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive development of an individual.We look forward to hearing from you!

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